Monday, August 09, 2010


Representatives of the “religion of peace,” killed ten aid workers in Northern Afghanistan last week. (story here). Guilty of the "crime" of offering medical assistance to rural Afghanis, they were taken out of their vehicles, lined up, and shot one by one. The Taliban claimed credit for the killings, stating that the martyrs had been preaching Christianity. A quick search on GoodSearch ** indicates that the murder of humanitarian workers in Muslim countries has been rising drastically in recent years.

It must be acknowledged that Muslims have their martyrs, too.

Let’s make some comparisons.

The ten Christian martyrs of last week, and many more like them, were killed while involved in loving, peaceful activities. In this most recent case, they were offering optical care in a very remote region. They had also delivered medical equipment which they had raised the money to purchase for these Afghanis.

Muslim martyrs strap bombs to themselves and their vehicles and try to kill as many people as possible, including a great preponderance of innocents, many of whom are Muslims. They fly planes into buildings full of non-combatants. Their compatriots, even those living the good life in these United States, often celebrate such attacks publicly.

The Christians who become martyrs, while not seeking martyrdom, are motivated by love for Christ and the people to whom they are sent to serve.

The Muslim martyrs are motivated by hate for all things western, Christian, and Jewish. They also hope that they will be comforted by the current number of virgins in paradise – and at times reap benefits for the families they leave behind.

Praise God for the lives of these martyrs. May their deaths be the catalyst that turns many hearts and minds to Christ.

Coffee drinkers, what are your thoughts on this? And what about that great big mosque on the site of "Ground Zero?"

I would like to hear from you here in the comments section.


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