Monday, July 05, 2010

Thinking About Liberty

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. It's the day we celebrate the birth of liberty in the nation in which I live, the United States of America. My thoughts have been on the concept of liberty for some time now. Please allow me the privilege of sharing just a few of those thoughts with you.

In 1955 what is commonly known as the Warsaw Pact was created. It was a response both to NATO itself and the reception by NATO of West Germany into its membership. Members of the Warsaw Pact were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union.

Despite the fact that the geography looks a bit different today, most members of the Warsaw Pact (with the notable exception of Russia) have now been accepted into membership of NATO.These nations were once part of what we often called, “The Soviet Bloc.” Under the oppressive hand of Soviet Russia, they were all dominated by cruel Socialist governments. Today it is no longer that way.

Beginning in 1989 with the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, each of these nations (again, with the exception of Russia) has moved toward democratic and capitalist models. Some have met with more success than others, but all are headed in the same direction. Most have made positive diplomatic treaties or agreements with the US. Each has many stories to tell about the cruelties and ultimate failure of the socialist model in their own histories.

Yet, here we are, in the United States of America, moving to occupy the space these nations have vacated. While each of these former Warsaw Pact (and other Soviet-dominated) nations moves further and further from its Socialist and Communist past, we, with amazing alacrity, move toward that model.

We have nationalized the auto industry, the health care industry, a great portion of the financial sector, we have attacks on our first, second, and tenth amendment rights (and probably several others). These attacks are not coming from without, but from within our government. We have crises which are not being handled well, such as a catastrophic oil spill and a border war which has already stripped the US of some of its sovereign territory. The US Attorney General is preparing a lawsuit against the State of Arizona (with help from the government of Mexico!!!) regarding Arizona's recently-passed immigration law.

This is a sad state of affairs. It is the talk around the water cooler, in schools, at church, and on a large number of internet chat boards. Some folks are seriously preparing for Martial Law.

The Obama administration's views on God and religion have been fairly transparent. His appointees are Godless and God-hating. It's not good to get on the wrong side of that battle. Obama needs prayer. He needs to be converted. He needs to seek and accept the Wisdom of God's Word. He needs to surround himself with Godly advisors. Even more important, the nation he heads needs to get back to worship of the One True God. Obama is POTUS because God put him there. Ponder the reasons for that!

What think ye, coffee drinkers?

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