Monday, March 01, 2010

The Olympics are Over

I enjoy the winter olympics much more then the summer event of the same name. The skiing, snowboarding, and skating are fun for me to watch. I thought I'd just share a few thoughts on the most recent installment.
  • I do not enjoy the figure skating events. Does it seem to anybody else that the men get more and more effeminate?
  • The fascination with curling is beyond me.
  • Speed skating is ruthless - and the judges are not to be trusted.
  • I can't believe the things that some of those skiiers and boarders do - and the slopes they ski.
  • The mogul skiiers aren't human.
  • Biathlon must be incredibly difficult. Getting your breathing to cooperate for the shooting after skiing hard seems to be quite a feat.
  • I didn't watch it live, but that hockey game was obviously one for the ages. Congrats Canada!
  • I wonder how much the taxpayers of Vancouver and Canada are going to end up paying for the privilege of hosting.
  • I wonder how many missionaries were in Edmonton and Whistler.
  • I never saw any of the ski jumping. I'm sorry I missed it.
While all those superior athletes were displaying their collective prowess, my wife and I were skiing with our #1 grandson. We didn't ski as well as they do, nor did we get any medals (of any color). Our rewards were greater, though. We had two different devotionals with him each day, learned a new memory verse, played board games, and just plain enjoyed his company.

We Win!


Anonymous said...

Temporal and eternal rewards - better than any gold medal!

Curt said...

I forgot. Shaun White. 'Nuff said.

Bill said...

I know it cost them 127 million dollars to build the ski jumping facility and becareful, that is my son you are talking about.

Shaun White was wild.

Phil said...

The men's figure skating has not changrd much but there is this one American guy not in the top 3. Curling is a new favotite. Glad the Norwegians lost the men's with those pants. Ski jumping was excellent. Glad the canadians won the hocky (finally) but not next time.