Thursday, March 18, 2010

(Cowardice for those of you who can't read the yellow)

The Health Care Bill, which none of us has seen - or had the opportunity to see (transparency), may become the Health Care Law very soon. That doesn't mean that the House of (non)Representatives will have voted on it, though.

No, as you have no doubt heard by now, it may be rammed down the nation's throat on the basis of a "deem and pass" scheme. By this tactic, the (non)reps vote on procedural issues and minor adjustments to the bill rather than the bill itself. All the House has to do is match up to the Senate version of the bill. This, then, is "deemed" to be the same as passing the bill.

WHY? There are several reasons for the use of this tactic. First, it allows passage with fewer (non)votes. More importantly in my humble estimation is the fact that (non)reps can allow this to become law without having to vote one way or another. Did we elect people to go to DC and NOT vote on the substantive issues of the day?

The constitutional scholars will argue whether or not this is a constitutional move. I can't answer that, although I have my doubts. What I do know is that this is a cowardly action.

I mourn the loss of my nation.

Pray for America. Please

This, my friends, is political cowardice.


~Jenna's Baggs said...

it is the loss of what once was a great nation, built on mutual sacrifice and a respect for life and the Lord above all!! reading patriot hearts about the founding mothers...very interesting read at any time, but more so in this current climate
sacrifice is not a word anyone understands today in washington, ugh

Jeffrey said...

I agree that all involved in this shameless act are indeed cowards and should be called out on it.It makes me sick to think most have sunk so low,I`m embarrassed our country has come to this.

Curt said...

As of Saturday, the "deem and ass" option is dead. I guess they have enough votes from Dems who feel safe in their seats. America, let's prove them wrong!

Curt said...

Well, they did it.

According to an old friend, : he "just watched his children be sold into slavery to the federal government... :("

He's right. But this is not the end. Let the lawsuits begin.

Curt said...

I just recognized my typo two comments ago. I think I'll leave it. It seems suited to the situation. NO, it was not intentional.

Anonymous said...

anyone who "just watched his children be sold into slavery to the federal government" must not have been watching when social security, medicare, medicaid, the highway system, federally run utilities, and all the other government created and federally run programs were started. your fear of the health care bill is not based on history or fact, it is based on ignorance and fear.

Curt said...

I wonder why comments like the most recent one are always left by the same person: "anonymous."