Thursday, October 06, 2011

So, Let's Move There!

In my last post (yes, I know it was a while ago) I explained about the trouble we had getting to Prague on our last trip. So, how do we respond to such challenges? Why don't we just move to Prague? OK, we will.

On October 17, Sandra and I will once again board aircraft and head toward Prague (with a brief stop in London). This time it is for the purpose of finding a home and settling in.

Details?  Well, here are some.  We've been working with families in Europe for more than a decade. We (Sandra more than me) fly there regularly to meet with families and groups. Now that I am retiring from full-time pastoral ministry on October 16 (oh, you didn't know that, either?), we are convinced that God has called us to be closer to the scene of the ministry.

So, we'll go. We'll give up our cozy home on the lake, the proximity to our grandkids, and the life we've gotten accustomed to living. Before you get all teary-eyed (I know some of you were getting there), we will be going to a wonderful city, with some friends already in place. We have a line on an apartment and a church. I love the food.

We won't just be sitting around in the city, however. The idea is to visit, speak, counsel, help people all over Europe. We already have several trips planned (including one to Africa, a remote part of Europe).

Please pray for us. We still need financial support, of course, but mostly we need prayer.