Thursday, April 08, 2010

ObamaCare Questions From Around the World

Since I am in contact with people in various countries around the globe, I am often asked about American political affairs. Last week an old friend from (very) far away asked this question: "By the way, apart from the obvious abortion issue, why are the conservative Christians in the USA so against obama’s health care plan for the poor? We are puzzled here." Thus I entered into a brief discussion o the issues as I see them.

Here are excerpts from the conversation. I have only included my side of the conversation (except for the initial question), as I have not asked permission to quote the other side. The exchange was respectful and friendly. You can probably surmise from my answers some of the follow-up questions asked.

  • There are a lot of issues with ObamaCare. Among them are the fact that it mandates health care and will fine people who don't choose to have it. It also creates an even greater bureaucracy, all government-run, which, in turn leads to even greater costs.
  • It reduces the amount of money spent and the benefits available on Medicare, which is elder care insurance into which people have been paying all their working lives.
  • Healthcare is too expensive here and the system does need to be fixed. This does not appear to be the plan that makes it work better. Many of the uninsured in this nation are actually uninsured by choice. Young people who are in relatively good health often choose not to pay for it. Some Christians don't believe in insurance. They will be mandated to purchase it.
  • The poor are seldom refused necessary health care here.
  • We also still have people flying in from other countries to take advantage of our medical care.
  • All-in-all the new law is intrusive, expensive, and will create more bureaucracy. We also have problems with the manner in which it was pushed upon us. The politics and the disregard for the will of the nation. All polls indicate that most of the citizens were against passage of the bill. We are supposed to have a representative government. It did not represent us in this instance. I predict that there will be a massive change in the legislature come November. Representatives are up for re-election every two years.
  • There may be some better plans out there, but if they conflicted in any way with the Obama plan they never saw the light of day. This includes plans from his own political party. In the end it was all politics and the Democrats, the party of Obama, banded together and the vote was almost absolutely along party lines. This was about Obama's Plan, first and last.
  • This is a lot more technical, of course, than most of us can fathom. But, we know when we're being taken for a ride. I'm one of those in the medicare class (having achieved the lofty age of 65). I'm going to be getting fewer medical benefits. Medicare is not based upon charity. It is something I payed into all my life. Now it gets cut back. Although I'm not desperately poor, I am in the lower classes of income. I only go to the doctor when necessary (like when I broke my ankle in November). What welfare and other like programs have taught the street-smart poor is that they can go to the emergency room whenever they want and the public picks up the tab.
  • I favor charity. But what we have here is redistribution of wealth. Proverbs 6 talks about this. Despite our current economic woes, which are real, there are still jobs to be had if people will take them. We have pages of jobs listings in the newspapers and yet our unemployment numbers rise. Some people are too proud to take the McDonalds jobs and other are too lazy. Now I'm not painting an entire segment of the population with the same brush. There are some who genuinely cannot work; cannot pay for health insurance. They need assistance, and the society should do what it can to help. The Obama plan seems to go well beyond help.
So there you have it. What do you think Coffee drinkers?


G&V said...

Some folks find coercion rather tittilating; particularly when it is all wrapped up in a pretty package to hide the ugly truth which is readily discerned by the wise.
The attempt to impart discernment to those whose find some perverse pleasure in being deceived is a major frustration and heartbreak for those who know the truth and truly care about those who don't.

Curt said...

But if the citizenry is as stupid as our leaders think, shouldn't they help, since they're so much smarter? Oh, did I forget that they are also more compassionate?

Leslie said...

Have you read the book, "When Helping Hurts?" Your blog reminded me of it. We indeed are called to be compassionate, but some ways of showing compassion do just the opposite.

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