Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Broken Bones and God's Work

Last Wednesday, I got a free ride to the Emergency Room. It happened like this. My wife (and BFF) and I were taking down the screen porch we put on our back porch for summer (yes, we were late). I tripped over one of the posts that hold the awning up. I landed on my ankle, which had folded under me - and I heard the POP.

I'm the sort of guy who seldom goes to doctors or hospitals. This time I knew I had to go. It was broken. This was confirmed by the X-rays, so I was wrapped up and told to go to the orthopedic doctor for a cast or to decide if I need surgery. Cast it is. No surgery.

While we were in the ER, we had several opportunities to share the love of God with patients and the triage nurse. When you're in a wheelchair, I guess you are less frightening to other patients.

The nurse noticed that Sandra and I were having a good time, despite the pain. She said she seldom sees people laughing there and then she asked how we could be so happy! So we told her.

God is good. I don't know what else He has to teach me during this time. I'm still in pain and I have to have the cast on for at least a month (with ski season starting NOW). But, I'm ready for His lessons.


~Jenna's Baggs said...

psalm 46:10, the whole thing!!

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