Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Brother Really is Watching

In several conversations recently the concept of purchasing an automated highway toll system for one's car has come up. These are the little automated devices you put in the car and then you don't have to wait in line to pay tolls. The toll amount is deducted from your prepaid account. The real discussion, of course had to do with whether or not this device allows the government (or anyone else) to track our movements. The response from many folks has been, "Oh they already know plenty about me."

Now a new method has been found that can allow the government to dig even deeper. Its name is "Cash for Clunkers." Innocuous sounding, right. The government is merely trying to help jump start the auto industry and help us get new and better cars. Allow me to introduce you to this video.

Yeah, I know, It's Glenn Beck. But listen (it's only four minutes). The verbiage they read on this video is from the government website. If you go onto this website and ignore the warnings, your computer becomes government property. Everything in it and every activity conducted on it becomes theirs. Watch the video!

That Orwell dude knew his stuff, didn't he.


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