Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love technology. I hate technology. Yes, I know that I do not have to explain my bi-polar feelings on the subject to most of you. Today, despite the many frustrations I have experienced recently in this realm, I love technology.

Here I am typing out my words onto a screen that, when I post them, will have the possibility of being read by millions (probably billions) of people in every corner of our globe. Of course I am very well aware that this is only the potential. The reality is that very few people will actually read these particular words. The potential is there, however.

Yesterday, after several frustrating (there's that word again) attempts, I was able to post a brand new incarnation of Lifework Forum's website. Again, potential and reality won't necessarily match, but....

Last night I began uploading mp3 files of sermons from Covenant Baptist Church to the web. it's a slow process, but I got a few of them up and I will be adding slowly. Amazingly, overnight there were more than 70 downloads from the nine sermons I had been able to post so far. Now that does not match the thousands that are downloaded from a lot of places, but it amazes me. If you're interested those can be found at sermonaudio.

I'm not an IT guy. But, I can do this stuff with technology! This is a tool that God has given us to reach and teach people; to communicate with one another openly (iron does, indeed, sharpen iron); and to read and study more about His Word and His world. I marvel at His goodness in many ways.

Today I am marvelling at His goodness through the internet.


~big sis said...

hmmm, i too have had those days, the good, the bad, the ugly. and they always remind me how small i really am!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the technical difficulties. Cyber space eats my work all the time. But big crashes are worse. I like what you say and I too will vote for the lesser of evils. Perhaps God will remind him he is supposed to be a puplic servant, servant being the key word here, insted of a politician. May God keep reving ya up!