Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Regular Post-Election Day Objections

Yesterday was election day across the nation. Some states and municipalities
had races for political offices. Others, like my community, only had ballot questions. We had about a 30% turnout here in Maine and that was one of the items the reporters wanted to talk to people about outside the polls. One man being interviewed indicated that he didn't know anything about the questions (several of which called for the expenditure of hundreds of millions of tax dollars), but he felt it was his duty to vote.

Once again I will (mildly) rant on this subject. I would rather have fewer, informed, voters than lots of ignorant ones. Do not vote if you don't have a clue. Do not run voter registration campaigns just to get more stupid people out to cast ballots they don't care about and don't understand.

Of course, I recognize that voter registration drives have little to do with civic duty, the common good, or the people being registered. They are all about the cause or party of those doing the registration drive. They are self-serving. They actually frustrate the will of the people by flooding the ballot boxes (or machines, or computers, for those of you who don't live in small towns) with votes from people who don't have a political will - they're just doing as they were "advised" by the nice people who gave them cigarettes, booze, drugs, or a ham sandwich.

Please do not bother on my account. Let all who care come to the polls. The more the merrier. But if you don't really care; or if you don't even know who's running or what the issues are; please stay home.

OK, that's done for now.