Thursday, September 28, 2006

Just Play, Already
Several years ago I began an unofficial, unilateral boycott of the NBA. I'm sure they miss me. I won't even watch the newsclips when they come on. I love basketball. I cannot, however, continue to support a league of thugs. You can read about them on the police blotter pages just as often as in the sports pages.

I'm getting disenchanted with the NFL, too. Beyond the thug quotient, there is also the posturing. These large persons are all millionaires. They became millionaires because they can play football. I have no problem with that. I love football. But, every time they make a play, - which is what they're supposed to do to earn those big salaries - they "celebrate." These guys are well-compensated because they can make first downs, or tackles. But every play looks like a Super Bowl victory party. Just play the game.
There used to be a MLB team in New England, right?