Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On A Lighter Note...

Wow! That's the response of this citizen of Patriot (and Red Sox) Nation to the Indianapolis Colts. It does, indeed, look like they can go undefeated. The Patriots, of course, needing medical doctors more than they need coaches these days, are toast.

This makes us older New Englanders to hark back to the days when there were no Patriots. We only had the Giants. Charley Connerly, YA Tittle, Mel Triplett - those were the days!

Of course, back then we also had Colts - in Baltimore. That undrafted guy with the high shoes - Unitas was his name - used to throw regularly to Raymond Berry.

Another little bit of more recent history reminds me that the Steelers seem to be vulnerable to that 80 yard, first offensive play stuff. I recall the Patriots doing the same thing to them in a playoff game a few years back.

I can sit back for the rest of the year and enjoy watching what may be the best pro football team ever to play the game. And the QB even seems to be a nice guy.